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Juri Romazanov receives Jülich Excellence Price 2020

For his PhD thesis Juri Romazanov together with two other scientists received the ‘Exzellenzpreis 2020‘ of Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Juri Romazanov erhält Jülicher Exzellenzpreis 2020

For his research on ‘3D-Simulation of Impurity Transport in a Fusion Edge Plasma by Means of a Massively Parallel Monte-Carlo Code’, he rewrote the Monte-Carlo code ERO 2.0 and applied it to measurements of beryllium erosion at JET. The code allows simulation of plasma-wall interactions and impurities for a full fusion plasma compared to volumes of only a liter before. This leads to completely new perspectives and predictions, e.g., for ITER, W7-X and DEMO.