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Anika Kuckertz

Ph.D. student


Research Topic:

Multimodal analysis for the development of a 3D rat brain atlas

Methodical Focuses:

  • In vitro receptor autoradiography
  • Histological cell body staining
  • Neuro imaging

In the framework of my doctoral thesis, a novel and interactive 3 dimensional rat brain atlas, based on cyto and receptor architectonic analysis, will be developed and further integrated into a standard stereotaxic reference space for rodents (Waxholm Space). This rat brain atlas will be published through the European Human Brain Project (HBP).
For the multimodal analysis, serial sectioned rat brain slices will be investigated by means of histological cell body staining and in vitro receptor autoradiography. Afterwards, cortical brain regions and subcortical core areas will be cyto and receptor architectonic parcellated on a 2 dimensional level, referred to established rat brain atlases. Furthermore, by using receptor autoradiography the regional and laminar distribution patterns of neurotransmitter receptors could be computational characterized as well as quantified. Additionally, the comprehensive 2D parcellations could be used for neuroanatomical validation of 3D reconstructed cell body stained slices and receptor autoradiograms. The high resolute 3D rat brain atlas provides a comprehensive overview of regional specific receptor expression and further enabled cyto and receptor architectonic related evaluations.


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