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Anna Plachti

M.Sc. Anna Plachti

Ph.D. student

Master of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Neuroscience

Research topics:

  • Multimodal connectivity-based parcellation (CBP) of the hippocampus

Methodological topics:

  • Connectivity-Based Parcellation (CBP)
  • Resting State fMRI (rs-fMRI)
  • Meta-Analytic Connectivity Modeling (MACM)
  • Structural Covariance (SC)

My research focuses on Connectivity-Based Parcellation (CBP) to describe the structural and functional organization of the hippocampus. I am particularly interested in identifying divergence and convergence in hippocampal parcellation across different younger and older cohorts (Big Data samples). Using different MRI measurements (multimodality) like rs-fMRI, structural data and meta-analytical co-activations, I primarily investigate the methodological and technical aspects that influence the accuracy and robustness of CBP. I capitalize on multimodal maps to reveal fine-grained architecture of brain regions that can then be related to behavioral features.


Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-7)
52425 Jülich


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