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The Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications (EoCoE: read as 'Echo') uses the tremendous potential offered by the ever-growing computing infrastructure to foster and accelerate the European transition to a reliable and low carbon energy supply using HPC (High Performance Computing).
In this project the SimLab Plasma Physics will contribute to the workpage 'Fusion for Energy' and the 'Transversal Basis'. Specifically we will help with the porting and scaling of scientific HPC applications.

EoCoE is a European Horizon 2020 funded project of Centre of Excellence in computing applications.


NVIDIA Application Lab/Power Acceleration and Design Center

NVIDIA and IBM joined forces with JSC in form of new competency centers to advance the creation and optimization of research codes on GPU-accelerated OpenPOWER compatible systems. Within the NVIDIA Application Lab (NVAL) and the Power Acceleration and Design Center, several codes will be ported and tuned to prototype systems, some of which are installed at JSC. In this joint project, the SimLab Plasma Physics will contribute to the porting of one of its simulation codes, JuSPIC, to the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

Completed 3rd-Party Projects

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