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Arbor poster awarded at (O)CNS 2019

At the Organisation for Computational Neurosciences ((O)CNS) 2019 Conference, the Arbor poster, titled “Arbor: A morphologically detailed neural network simulation library for modern high performance computer architectures”, received the “Trainee Poster Award” for this year. The poster presented Arbor’s goals, models, GPU optimization and performance. This submission by Anne Küsters, and presented by Alexander Peyser, was distinguished out of more than 350 posters and awarded a prize - a choice of scientific books, of which Modeling Phase Transitions in the Brain by D. Allistair Steyn-Ross and Moira Steyn-Ross (Eds) was selected.

Arbor poster awarded at (O)CNS 2019Copyright: Simlab Neuroscience, Forschungzentrum Jülich

The CNS Conference is an international forum to advance the state of knowledge in computation neuroscience, and this year it took place in Barcelona Spain, July 13-17.