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Release notes

Version of linktest 1.2p1 (released 2014)

  • some new options (-I number of warmup interations, -Z test only top num slowest pairs again)
  • BG/Q portrestructured source code
  • bug fixes

Version of linktest 1.1p5 (released July 11)

  • restructured source code
  • parallel and serial (2-stage) SION-I/O of comm matrix
  • bug fixes

Version of linktest 1.0p2 (released April 11)

  • bug fix in serial test mode
  • use of I/O (SIONlib) optional in source code

First public available version of linktest 1.0b1 (released April 10)

  • mpilinktest: parallel linktest program
  • pingponganalysis: serial analysis program