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UNICORE access to the Forschungszentrum Jülich supercomputers JUWELS and JURECA

Uniform Interface to Computing Resources

This page is especially for the users of the Forschungszentrum Jülich supercomputers JUWELS and JURECA who want to use the Uniform Interface to Computing Resources (UNICORE) to access the supercomputer resources. The prerequisite for using UNICORE is that you have an account at JSC for at least one of the HPC-systems. The authentication to the system is done with your webservice account.

UNICORE provides the user with an interface to create, submit and monitor supercomputer jobs easily without having to know about system details and special batch system settings.
UNICORE comes with both, a comfortable graphical client (URC) and a command line client (UCC). They are both Java applications and require java version 1.8. The URC from version 7.4.0 onward has jre1.8.0-181 bundled with it; for the ucc install OpenJDK or Oracle-Java Runtime Environment version 1.8 or higher.


  • the UCC from the Sourceforge directory. You will find the latest version at the top of the list. The installation and configuration is described in UNICORE UCC. The UCC is also available as installation package for CentOs 7 and for Debian 8 or targz from the repositories.
  • the URC from the Client Download page and select the latest version at the top of the list. Clients are available for Windows and Linux but currently not for Mac OS X. Refer to the URC manual for general information on installation, configuration and usage of the client.

Site Specific Settings

  • The Unity identity management system is used for user authentication: the unity address is
    You login with your webservice account at Forschungszentrum Jülich.
  • You have to define a truststore containg at least the dfn-verein global_certificate_signer_chain.
  • The registry address is
  • For each job you have to provide in the "Resources" tab the budget id your job should be accounted to, the resource attribute is named "Project".

Known Issues

  • The URC currently does not refresh the security token, so after an hour you have to close the URC and start it again. Your jobs etc. are not affected by this.
  • When preparing workflows in the URC make sure to select the target system for each job in the workflow.
  • In the current URC you cannot use uftp als file transport mechanism for data import and export.
  • With Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS you may experience problems in the URC because of GTK incompatibilities.