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Programming in C++ 

- Audio-Visual Lecture -

Bernd Mohr


This audio-visual lecture is a recording of the course "Object-oriented programming in C++" which forms part of the training for mathematical-technical assistants at  Research Centre Jülich. The course was held between September 29, 2003, and January 26, 2004, in the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) by Dr.-Ing. Bernd Mohr. The total length of the lecture is 18 hours and 22 minutes recorded in 15 sessions (days).

The lecture was given in German. All written material, especially the slides used in class, are in English as on other occasions the instructor gives the lecture in English. Also, most computer science material (books, web pages, computer manuals) is in English. For your convenience, the slides contain a small programming-related English - German dictionary in the appendix.

Although the class covers C++ in great detail, it is clear that you cannot learn C++ just by listening to the lecture. Therefore, practical exercises are enclosed with the audio-visual presentation and are also referred to in the lecture whenever this is appropriate. Each exercise consists of a description of the task, some additional hints (which should be used when you get stuck solving the exercise), and an audio-visual demo of a sample solution.

Target Audience

This lecture is aimed at everyone who wants to learn C++ in depth. The class covers ISO standard C++ and does not include any system-dependent extensions. Therefore, the material covered in this class can be used on any system with a standard C++ compiler. For information on how to edit, compile, and execute C++ programs please refer to the system documentation. The class requires a good knowledge of the programming language C and some experience in programming.


The content of this lecture can be viewed from DVD, which can be ordered here (9 EUR). The online version has not been ported to the new web content management system. It does not need any explicit installation. However, in order to use all the features of this audio-visual lecture, a recent version of  RealPlayer (RealOne to RealPlayer 10.5) is required. The recommended operating system is Microsoft Windows.

We also provide a version of this lecture with a more limited set of features, which is better suited for older versions of RealPlayer, on operating systems other than Windows, systems with a low network bandwidth, or if you only have access to a less powerful computer so that loading the contents takes a long time.