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Quantum dynamics and novel quantum states in systems of many particles or spins, many of which had been beyond the reach of experimental realization, are now getting more and more realistic due to recent advancements in experimental techniques, such as the synthesis of molecular magnets, nano-engineering of quantum dots, time-resolved measurements with ultra-short pulses, and optical lattices of cold atoms. In particular, many attempts have been made for characterizing the wave function from the viewpoint of entanglement, which is often accomplished by the aid of supercomputers through the method of direct numerical solution of evolution equations and/or quantum Monte Carlo.

In addition, new numerical methods, such as the tensor-network variational approximation, are making many previously hard problems now tractable.

In this workshop, the participants will discuss the possibility of essentially new quantum phenomena, and observations/operations that would be required for their realization, detection, and understanding.

The talks will be given by invited speakers only. However, all participants are invited to present a poster in the poster session.