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 project duration: 2011/06/01 - 2013/11/30


Bioeconomy is increasingly seen as a workable alternative to move today’s economies in the direction of more sustainable natural resource use and economic growth. In its essence it’s the coming together of biology, chemistry, materials sciences, genomics and information technology to better exploit natural resources both in agriculture and industry. The questions and challenge is whether the new concepts are of relevance for the small scale and what are the needed policies to promote and guide investments and the new institutions to ensure the safety of the new technologies and the equitable distribution of the benefits of the ensuing economic growth.


The project objective is to establish a Latin American-Carribean-European (ALC-UE ) platform bringing together regional and continental organizations involved in research funding and implementation, as well as other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector and the civil society, in an effort to generate relevant information for the design and implementation of specific plans and projects, included the needed R&D and set the basis for the establishments of an enabling policy and institutional environment, as well as, for the development and consolidation of the KBBE in both the regions. To achieve this aim the project activities are oriented to generate information relevant to KBBE related issues in LAC, to help establish a strategic reflection and analysis on KBBE opportunities and limitations in the region, to stimulate KBBE related research and development ALC-UE cooperation, and to insert the KBBE theme in ALC policy agendas.

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