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Institute of Biological Information Processing
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Our interdisciplinary team of physicists, chemists, biologists and electrical engineers studies and develops functional assemblies of biological components and electronic devices.

Our research is focused on bioelectronic devices which exploit biology in conjunction with electronics encompassing for example, biomaterials for information processing, sensors, actuators and biomedical devices. A key aspect is the interface between biological materials and electronics.

 Research Topics:


Electrochemical sensors

Aptamer sensors
Bio- and chemical sensors
EC/Surface Plasmon Polaritrons

Electronic Sensors

Microelectrode arrays
Nanowire/Graphene FETs
Microwave microfluidic sensors

Magnetic Field Sensors

Low field NMR
Magnetic particle actuation
Magnetic particle sensing

Design and Characterization of Cell Device Interfaces

Characterizing cell device interface
Engineering the interface
3D structures & nanocavities
2D materials

Recording and Stimulation of Cellular Activity

Electrical methods
Optical methods
Optogenetic methods
Long term neural recordings
Study the function of living neural networks