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Team König


Dr. Julian M. Glück (alumni)
Ligand interaction analysis of membrane-anchored proteins (Doctoral thesis 2010)

Dr. Yu-Fu Hung (alumni)
Biophysical characterization of the N-terminal region of Dengue virus NS4A protein (Doctoral thesis 2013)

PD Dr. Bernd König

M.Sc. Laura Kukuk
Interaction of H1V 1 VpU with the host proteins CD4 and tetherin (PhD project)

Dr. Claas Roes (alumni)
Strukturelle Untersuchung der Interaktion des humanen BST2 mit dem HIV-1 Virus-Protein-U (Doctoral thesis 2015)

Dr. Sameer Singh (alumni)
Characterisation of HIV accessory protein interactions using NMR and microscale thermophoresis (Doctoral thesis 2012)