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Research at the IBI-7 focusses on the investigation of the three-dimensional structures and dynamics of biologically and medically relevant proteins as well interactions with other proteins or small ligands. We concentrate on proteins involved in autophagy, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.

We aim to contribute to a better understanding of the molecular mechanims underlying autophagy and the above mentioned diseases. In particular, the institute investigates pathways of misfolding and subsequent loss or gain of function in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Based on these insights the IBI-7 is developing new approaches for diagnosis and therapy, including their validation in vitro and in vivo. For the research projects a wide array of methods from molecular biology and biophysics is employed, like solid and liquid state NMR Spectroscopy, Xray Crystallography, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy and Surface Plasmon Resonance is developed and applied. Another research focus of the IBI-7 is Computational Biology, where new modeling and simulation methods are developed.

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