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The topics of the group are structural and functional aspects of viral proteins with the main focus on accessory and regulatory proteins of viruses. For this purpose we examine their 3D structures and their interactions with host cellular proteins or other virus proteins. The respective protein-protein-interactions are characterized with biophysical, biochemical and cell biological methods.

The accessory proteins of SARS-CoV

SARS 1Die Reste 1-65 zeigen zwei gut definierte beta-Faltblattstrukturen, die sandwich-förmig angeordnet sind und über zwei Disuldfidbrücken stabilisiert werden. Das größere beta-Faltblatt besteht aus 4 Strängen (A, G ,F , C), das kleinere aus 3 Strängen (B, E, D). Alle beta-Stränge sind antiparallel angeordnet, mit Ausnahme der Stränge A und G, die parallel vorliegen. Die Gesamtstruktur wird als Immunglobulin-like bezeichnet.

A coronavirus (CoV) has been shown to be the etiologic agent of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic. more


Expression and purification of recombinant proteins

Various biophysical methods require large amounts of recombinantly expressed and purified proteins. Additionally, preparation of stable isotope labeled protein is a prerequisite for elucidating their three-dimensional structures by NMR. Therefore, we construct and use efficient recombinant expression systems for the proteins of our interest.