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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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TriplexPro 200 APS-Brenner von Sulzer Metco

Materials for High-Temperature Technologies

The department investigates innovative high-performance coating techniques with a focus on thermal spraying for High-Temperature Technologies. Research and development of improved materials for these applications is closely linked. Typical applications are thermal and environmental barrier coating systems for stationary and aircraft gas turbines.

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Gas Separation Membranes

The department develops ceramic membranes for gas separation- an area which has considerably expanded for the past few years due to the fact that membrane separation technology offers high energy efficiency through process intensification and cost reduction.

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Verschiedene Baugrößen SOFCs

Solid Oxide Fuel and Electrolysis Cells

Our effort concentrate on materials and manufacturing processes for solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells. Mainly powder technology processes are used. Our expertise lies in the parallel development of suitable materials and microstructures tailored to optimize their long-term performance.

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Elektrochemische Speicher

Electrochemical Storage

The department focuses mainly on the development of lithium- and sodium solid state batteries as novel, improved types of batteries for stationary and mobile applications. Our research covers the full chain of the battery development, starting from the fundamentals of materials chemistry towards the battery components and complete cells.

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