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Energy Systems Engineering (IEK-10)

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Research Topics


IEK-10 focusses on the optimal design and operation of integrated, decentralized energy systems with a high share of renewable energy. Computer simulation and numerical optimization are our essential tools to arrive at efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions. We contribute both to the development of mathematical models and to the development of improved simulation methods and optimization algorithms. Our methods and software-tools are validated against operating data of real systems. Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive case studies in order to test and further improve the scalability and the performance of our models and algorithms. Specially adapted methods and codes enable us to exploit the potential of high performance computing (HPC) with the aim of solving particularly large and complex problems.


Industry Energy


Industrial energy systems are complex systems, which, in general, connect different types of energy, such as heat, electricity, or chemicals. Integration of renewable energies provides both opportunities and challenges for industrial energy systems and IEK-10 aims to provide models and methods to optimally design and operate such systems. More: Industry …

Buildings and districts


Buildings account for approximately 40 % of all energy consumption within the EU. Therefore, buildings and city districts play an important role in the transformations of energy systems. In this context, modeling and optimization of buildings and districts at IEK-10 support these transformations towards higher efficiency, more flexibility and increased shares of renewable energies. More: Buildings …

Optimization methods

Optimization methods

A focal point of the research conducted in IEK-10 is the development of novel or improved optimization algorithms and tools that exploit specific characteristics of the problem formulations encountered in the context of energy systems modeling. Together with High Performance Computing (HPC), this enables us to solve larger problems, to perform real-time optimization and to better deal with uncertainties. More: Optimization methods …

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IEK-10 offers many opportunities for engineers and mathematicans to work in an interdisciplinary environment. We supervise Bachelor, Master and doctoral theses. More: Career at IEK-10 …