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DATAR Autumn School

November 12-14, 2018

A summer camp on Data science Aspects  and Tools in Atmospheric Research

The atmospheric institutes at FZJ, IEK-7: Stratosphere and IEK-8: Troposphere, are routinely contributing data to global databases and make use of available global atmospheric composition data in their modelling activities including inverse modelling. Some of the biggest challenges when utilizing atmospheric observational datasets for climate research arise from the fact that observational data sets are sparse either in time and space or in terms of chemical composition. Therefore evaluating the impact of atmospheric composition on climate and air quality requires the use of multiple complementary datasets, e.g. trace gas retrievals from different platforms. This requirement poses certain demands on the data science abilities of next-generation atmospheric scientists. Currently there is a gap in the education of atmospheric scientists in data science, requiring individual training of students as they take on tasks in atmospheric research. The course, jointly organized with JSC, will take a step towards enhancing awareness of the need for data science expertise in atmospheric science.