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Materials Synthesis and Cell Manufacturing

For the tailored synthesis of functional materials, and the manufacturing of components for electrochemical (half-)cells, various techniques are available:

  • Ceramic Materials: Mixed-Oxide, Sol-Gel and Solvo-Thermal synthesis route for the production of aliovalently doped electrode and electrolyte materials
  • Porous Materials: Electro Spinning of electrodes
  • Nano-Materials: Sol-Gel synthesis of electrocatalysts
  • 2D- and 3D-structured Components and Cells: Atomic Layer Deposition, Chemical Vapor and Physical Vapor Deposition of thin-film solid-state batteries with 3D-structured electrodes
  • ‘Bulk’ Electrochemical Components and Cells: Screen printing, Ink-jet Printing and Tape Casting for the production of components and cells

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Dr. Hans Kungl

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