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Precision measurent of the Spin Precession in COSY

The JEDI Collaboration has tested successfully a new method to determine the precession frequency of the spin in a storage ring like COSY. The quantity "spin tune" is defined as the number of spin precessions per particle turn in a storage ring. Using a (deuteron) momentum of 970 MeV/c this is about 0.161 corresponding - in this case - to a frequency of 120 kHz. With the new precision method this spin tune could be measured at a level of 10-8 within a time interval of 2.6s and at a level of 10-10 for the whole cycle. These precisions are a prerequisite for a successful measurement of electric dipole moments (EDM) of protons and deuterons at storage rings.

For the full publication see Phys. Rev, Lett. 115 (2015) 094801