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JUelich Light Ion Cyclotron

JULIC comprises all components between ion source and injection into COSY, which are needed to provide polarized or unpolarized protons or deuterons.

JULIC operated as injector for COSY primarily. Irradiations with the direct cyclotron beam or radio nuclide productions (in specific cases) are also possible.

Generally a cyclotron can provide particles in an energy range. For protons the maximum energy at JULIC is 45 MeV, for deuterons it is 90 MeV. When used as injector for COSY, JULIC is operated at fixed energy (45 / 90 MeV depending on the particle). Maximum currents are in the order of 0.1 mA. If not used as injector for COSY, JULIC can be used for irradiations with protons or deuterons. Fields of usage range from radio nuclide production for materials reasearch to questions like "Do these electronic circuits withstand the irradiation fields in space?"