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Milestone reached: Dipole Magnet Production finished

October 2017. An important milestone could be reached: All 46 large dipole magnets for the High Energy Storage Ring HESR in Darmstadt / Germany have been produced and shipped to the nuclear physics institute (IKP) in Jülich. 23 magnets are already completely assembled and could be transferred to a storage place in Darmstadt. There they have to wait until the accelerator tunnel will be finished.

IKP together with colleagues of the institutes ZEA-1 (mechanical engineers) and ZEA-2 (engineers for electronics) is planning and building the High Energy Storage Ring for antiprotons HESR which is part of the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research FAIR in Darmstadt. This accelerator is the biggest single German contribution to the FAIR project (apart from the buildings). After finishing the dipole magnet production the company SigmaPhi, Vannes, France now sent the very first magnet which had to stay in Vannes during all the production phase to serve as a reference magnet.

In Jülich the dipole magnets are equipped with a vacuum chamber and re-measured. Due to their impressive weight of 37t theses giants are allowed on the streets only with certified lorries and a special permit.

At the end of production of the dipole magnets the other contract with SigmaPhi about the production of the quadrupole magnets is close to be finished as well: 79 of 84 magnets have been delivered to Jülich. Next step: Assembly of common girders together with further smaller magnets and adding the vacuum chambers.

More information can be found here (unfortunately the article is in German only. Check periodically whether the English version is available).

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