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Architecture and Brain Function

The working group "Architecture and Brain Function":

  • maps the human cerebral cortex, subcortical core areas and fibre tracts in post mortem brains using anatomical, architectural criteria and develops Julich-Brain, the cytoarchitectonic, probabilistic atlas of the human brain
  • uses methods from image analysis, statistics, machine learning and deep learning for mapping
  • quantifies architectural interhemispheric, interareal, interindividual and ontogenetic differences of cortical areas
  • contributes with the maps from Julich-Brain to the development of the Anatomy toolbox (SPM Toolbox), which links cytoarchitectural and functional data

We contribute to the main research fields of the INM-1:

Bild für Julich-Brain Webtool


Cytoarchitectonic maps in a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain.

Julich-Brain: Julich-Brain …



Neurotransmitter receptors are, together with the transmitters (transmitting substances), the key molecules for signal transmission between neurons and provide the molecular basis for structure-function relationships in the brain.

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Deformationsfeld-Morphometrie: Quantifizierung struktureller Unterschiede

Deformation field morphometry

Quantification of structural differences

Deformation field morphometry: Deformation field morphometry …

Sprechen als komplexe Gehirnleistung

Neuroanatomy of Language

Coronal section of a human brain measured with 3D Polarized Light Imaging (3D-PLI)

Polarized light imaging

Cytoarchitectonic maps in a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain.Three-dimensional Polarized Light Imaging allows to map nerve fibers and fiber tracts in whole postmortem brains with a resolution of a few micrometers.

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Eine Darstellung der Krankheitsbilder

Clinical Neuroanatomy

Exploring movement disorders
Only if and when the performance of our movements is disturbed, we do realize how much in life depends on the precise execution of movements.

Clinical Neuroanatomy: Clinical Neuroanatomy …

JuGEx is an integrated framework of the AllenBrain and JuBrain atlas for statistical analysis of differential gene expression in the adult human brain.


Cytoarchitecture linked to gene expression to study multilevel human brain organization

Mehr: JuGEx …

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