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MD/PhD students

Department Molecular Neuroimaging:

X. He

C. Li

A. Pierling

V. Schweda

L. Talalwa

Completed MD/PhD theses

Dr. Chao DingMolecular Neuroimaging2018Characterisation of the neuronal microcircuitry and adonesine modulation of layer 6 neurons in rat medial prefrontal cortex
Dr. Danqing YangMolecular Neuroimaging2018L6A neuronal microcircuits and cholinergic modulation in Layer 6 of rat barrel cortex
Dr. Daniela ScheiderMolecular Neuroimaging2017Relevance of in vitro metabolism models for PET radiotracer development
Dr. Vishalini SivarajanFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2017Modulation of synaptic transmission in the developing rat barrel cortex
Dr. Danje NabbiMolecular Neuroimaging2016Der Einfluss einer chronischen Koffeinapplikation auf das adenosinerge System im Hinblick auf schlafregulierende und neuroprotektive Effekte im ZNS der Ratte
Dr. Max AnstötzStructure of Synapses2016Developmental profile, morphology and synaptic connectivity of Cajal-Retzius cells in the neocortex and hippocampus
Dr. Jiali TangFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2015Noradrenergic modulation on neurons in rat barrel cortex- A patch-clamp in vitro study
Dr. Claudia BarzFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2014Neuronal correlates of repetitive whisker stimulation in the Neuregulin 1 mouse model of schizophrenia
Dr. Manuel MarxFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2014Intralaminar and translaminar microcircuits involving excitatory and inhibitory neurons in layer 6B of the somatosensory rat barrel cortex.A morphological, physiological and immunofluorescence study