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Laterally-structured layered magnetic systems

The magnetization behavior and magnetic domain formation in magnetic layered structures are mainly governed by the crystalline anisotropy of the ferromagnetic layers, the interlayer coupling, the shape anisotropy of the thin films (dipolar forces) and the external magnetic field.

The structuring of selected layers with electron or laser interference lithography (e.g. into stripes of 500 nm width) induces additional shape anisotropy in the structured layers and provides a means of influencing the domain state. We use off-specular polarized neutron scattering under grazing incidence to investigate on the one hand, the interaction between the stripes due to the magnetic coupling of the unstructured layers and on the other, dipolar forces, to obtain information on the magnetic domain formation in the individual layers of the nano-structured sample.

Contact: Ulrich Rücker

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