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Molecular magnets

Molecular magnetism deals with the magnetic properties of both isolated and assemblies of molecules. The research interest in molecular magnetism is motivated by the need for a better understanding of the fundamental principles that govern magnetic behavior, as well as the need for designing new magnetic materials in bottom-up routines.

Some molecular magnets possess a highly symmetrical frustrated spin structure and provide us with an ideal test-bed for the theory on frustrated quantum spin systems.

By means of both polarized neutron scattering and inelastic neutron scattering we are able to study the unusual spin-spin interactions and magnetic excitations in geometrically frustrated molecular magnetic systems, e.g. Mo72M30 (M=Fe, Cr, V).

In a further step, molecular magnets will be assembled on substrates. Such systems of interacting molecular magnets could serve as both possible model systems for magnetic data storage and also as candidates for future quantum computing.

Contact: Ulrich Rücker

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