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POWTEX - High-intensity time-of-flight neutron diffractometer

In order to provide the large chemistry, geo- and materials science communities with a powerful tool for rapid neutron-data acquisition, the novel time-of-flight diffractometer POWTEX will be installed at the MLZ in Garching. POWTEX - a shortcut for POWder and TEXture - is build by RWTH Aachen University and the Forschungszentrum Jülich within the JARA project as well as the Göttingen University supportted by BMBF.

It is expected to outperform comparable instruments by one order of magnitude in intensity (> 1×107 neutrons/cm2s) for samples of less than a cubic centimeter. The detector is a new development based on 1µm Boron-10 coated cathodes and provides an unprecedented performance.

The high neutron current at the sample position will allow in-situ investigation of chemical reactions and to characterize phase transitions as a function of temperature, pressure, magnetic fields (or other sample environments). Geo- and materials sciences applications are related to texture measurements and to measurements during in-situ deformation and recrystallization/annealing experiments. 

At the very moment POWTEX is under construction.  We are also developing a 2D-Rietveld analysis, which is able to adapt to the varying resolution function of the data.

Contact: Andreas Houben, Werner Schweika