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Thin film preparation

For the preparation of thin films the JCNS-2 has two high pressure sputter chambers and two oxide assisted molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems. One of the Oxide MBE machines is stationed at the JCNS Outstation at the MLZ in Garching as a user facility. While in the sputter chambers the material for the film growth is put in as a target with the right stoichiometry, in the Oxide MBE a stoichiometric growth is achieved by tuning the rates of the different element sources.  The MBEs are equipped with RHEED, LEED and AES for in-situ characterization of the substrates and thin films. With the AES element resolved depth profiles can be obtained with the in-situ Argon ion gun. This ion gun can be used to structure the samples with 100µm resolution as well.

Contact: Alexander Weber, Sabine Pütter