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Sports, cultural life and language

As a doctoral researcher, you should have an intermediate or advanced level of English since the language spoken in teams is usually English and publications are also in English. However, it is also useful to have or acquire some knowledge of German. The ability to speak the host country’s language will enable you to network even better This makes it easier to get around, communicate with your neighbours, make friends, and to make the most out of your stay. It also helps to broaden your mind and offer you an insight into another culture. Forschungszentrum Jülich provides you with help in learning German through language courses or so-called “Sprachtandems”, where two people support each other in learning a language.

Interesting and pleasant living conditions

You can practice your German while exploring Jülich and the nearby larger cities of Aachen, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. There is something for everyone: historic buildings such as famous cathedrals, shopping malls in Düsseldorf, cultural events in Cologne such as concerts and Carnival, climbing, hiking, and biking in Jülich... Or you could go on a weekend trip to Brussels, London, or Paris.

Meeting people on campus and in Jülich

To help you meet people in Germany, you are welcome to attend the events and informal gatherings of the International Club. The Club aims to encourage contact between the international workforce of Forschungszentrum Jülich and the residents of Jülich, while also providing assistance to all club members. You can also attend one of the regulars’ tables, where colleagues meet once a month in a restaurant or pub in various cities. You can find out more about the scientific presentations and panel discussions etc. organized by the DocTeam on their website.

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