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Project Management

Course Title: Project Management
Trainer: PD Dr. Alexander Schiller
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Target group: Doctoral researchers in the second year

Course Description:

This "Project Management" workshop serves both doctoral researchers who plan to continue their careers in science and those who see their professional future more in the business world as preparation for their next professional step. In both areas, in‐depth knowledge and experience in project management play an essential role today. While in the course "Doing Science" project
management mainly refers to the planning and projecting of your own doctoral project and imparts tools (GANTT planning, milestone planning etc.), the in‐depth course helps to understand the range of current project management approaches and to get to know procedures of leadership and controlling, reporting and risk management in more detail. The emphasis of the training shifts thereby from rather practical tools, which a project worker needs and which are obtained in Doing Science, to authority, which is necessary for the steering of a larger project. This applies especially to the development of leadership personalities: "Project managers do not manage projects, they manage people and uncertainty".
Building on the basics of the "Doing Science" course, this workshop will impart knowledge on
the planning, implementation and control of (third‐party) projects in science.


  • Understand the differences between traditional and agile project management approaches
  • Recognize the importance of identifying goals and activities: SMART versus FAST
  • You have the skills to create a project structure and determine a project budget.
  • You understand the importance of controlling processes
  • Develop your own toolbox of reporting methods
  • You are able to successfully plan a complex third‐party funding project (incl. kick‐off meeting).
  • You control your project according to the rules of a funding agency with regard to scientific, personnel and financial circumstances.
  • You internalise basic principles for the recruitment and situational management of scientific personnel.
  • You identify and contact important people who contribute to the success of your project.

Main Topic:

  • Leading and managing a project in scientific, personnel and financial terms
  • Structuring methodology of project management
  • Reporting, controlling, progress measurement, budgeting and risk management
  • Hiring and motivating the right personnel and the strategic relationship with stakeholders and administrative personnel.
  • Planning an inspiring kick‐off meeting


Trainer input, jolts, interactive presentations, impulse presentations with discussions,
feedback, application exercises, case studies, individual and partner work, practical exercises
in small groups on your concrete projects.

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