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Transferable skills courses

We offer training and support to all doctoral researchers for conducting independent research and working alongside scientists and specialists. In addition, the curriculum opens up the opportunity to qualify for a further career in and outside science. Therefore, our courses offer professional, interdisciplinary expertise helping you to gain social competencies that are of crucial importance within the professional environment be it in science, business or research management.

As of 1 January 2019, all new doctoral researchers must participate in the transferable skills curriculum. The courses are structured in modules of which some are mandatory while others can be chosen after consultation with the supervisor. You will spend a total of up to 11 days attending such courses during a three-year doctoral project.

General information on the courses:

  • The courses are held entirely in English.
  • After completing the transferable skills courses and submission of the doctoral thesis, doctoral researchers receive a certificate.
  • Confirmation of participation in a specific course can be issued on demand, please contact
  • The costs of the courses are borne centrally by Forschungszentrum Jülich.

The transferable skills courses are based on a mandatory platform, consisting of 4 courses for all participants. The course “Just Landed” is additionally obligatory for you if you are from abroad. We recommend completion of the mandatory modules at an early stage of the doctorate.

Transferable skills courses

Alongside the mandatory courses, additional modules will soon be available that are recommended for researchers in the second or third years of their doctoral projects. You will be free to choose two additional modules with a total duration of up to four days.
If there is a course program or requirements specified by your university/faculty, please check beforehand, if they accept the respective courses done here at the FZJ and vice versa.
We are currently working on mutual acceptance agreements for our courses with our most common university partners, in order to make sure that they will accept our courses in their programs. You will find the current status here.

1.) Mandatory courses

The mandatory courses consist of the seminars: good scientific practice, scientific writing, scientific presentation, doing science and just landed (for international doctoral researchers). You can find more information here.

2.) Optional courses

From autumn 2019, we will start offering optional courses recommended for the 2nd and 3rd year of the doctorate. You can find more information here.

Additional Information


Dr. Julia Schmidt
Course Coordinator
Corporate Development (UE-N)
Tel.: +49-2461-61 85384

Dr. Mayada Abdelgalil
Course Organisation
Corporate Development (UE-N)
Tel.: +49-2461-61 85460