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Counselling in supervision conflicts

Supervisors and doctoral researchers team up to work on an exciting research project and to explore new scientific perspectives and questions. While supervisors generally have some experience in working in science and are often involved in several projects at the same time, for doctoral researchers it is often the first independent scientific project. Additionally, such a project also represents the attempt of a doctoral researcher to become an autonomous and established member of the scientific community.

This situation together with often competitive framework conditions in science, can lead to stressful and frustrating times. This can result in conflicts between you and your doctoral researcher. Often these conflicts can be resolved through respectful communication and advice from colleagues. Additionally, there are various services on campus providing advice on a collegial level (PGS) and professional support (social counselling).

A committee of the JuDocs Council currently prepares a counselling service specific for supervisors and doctoral researchers for cases in which conflict resolution does not work with the help of collegial advice. Researchers on various career levels will be represented in the committee and offer confidential advice or mediation.

The JuDocs Committee will offer counselling to doctoral researchers and supervisors.The JuDocs Committee will offer counselling to doctoral researchers and supervisors.

Detailed information on the JuDocs Crisis Counselling Committee will follow in the first half of 2020. Until then, please contact the scientific members of the doctoral committee, Markus Diesmann or Ingar Janzik.