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Stephan Wirths received Excellence Award of Forschungszentrum Jülich


At Peter Grünberg Institute for Semiconductor Nanoelektronics (PGI-9) Dr. Stephan Wirths developed a low temperature growth process for germanium-tin alloys comprising tin concentrations up to 14%.

This value exceeds the maximum solubility of tin and germanium in thermos dynamical equilibrium of 1% considerably. The band structure of the layers possess a direct band gap, which is essential for applications in optoelectronic devices, such as light emitting diodes or lasers. In the course of his PhD. thesis project the first optically pumped GeSn laser on a Si substrate was realized. “Up to now, it was not possible to realized devices based on Si using easily integrable group IV elements, which emit light efficiently”, explained Wirths about the significance of his award-winning scientific thesis. Since the beginning of this year the 30-years-old physicist works as a post-doc at “IBM Research” in Zürich.

Stephan Wirtz JuDocs 2016