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Tips on Applying for a Job

The application:

Every (online)application should consist of a cover letter, a current CV, and copies of all relevant degrees, certificates, further education and training measures, etc. In the case of an online application, the corresponding documents can be uploaded as a PDF in the online application form.

The cover letter:

Your letter should be short and succinct.

Quote the reference number of the position you are applying for in the subject line. All of our job advertisements have a reference number (print and online media, homepage).

Outline why you are applying for the job and explain what qualifications make you a suitable candidate.

In order to help us plan better, it would be useful to state the earliest date you could start work at Jülich.

The CV:

Include everything you have done so far in your professional career. Give the dates of employment, name of employer/company, and describe your responsibilities using keywords.

Make sure that your CV is clearly structured. A tabular CV is one way of achieving this. It is not mandatory to include an application photo.


If possible, include copies of certificates, testimonials, reports etc. for all of your qualifications and for each job you have had or upload scans of these documents as PDF files for an online application using the online application form.

All files/copies should be faultless and easy to read. Please make sure that the data volume of the pdf documents is not too large (max. 3 MB per document), a medium resolution level is completely sufficient.

Letter of reference for PhD positions:

If you are applying for a PhD position, you can name one or more potential reference providers in the online application form so that we can request a letter of reference if necessary. You are welcome to upload existing letters of reference as file attachments.


We look forward to your receiving your application and hope that you are successful!