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an example for a run sheet

You must now create a project in PPMS. To do this, you need a Run Sheet. For an example of a Run Sheet, see above "Example Run Sheet" as a Word file or PDF. Before you create a project, you should have the Run Sheet ready. If you do not want to use the clean room, you do not need a Run Sheet to upload.

Create a project:

  • Log in to PPMS
  • Click on "Request" in the headline
  • Scroll down until you see "Project Creation Request"
  • Click on "my Run Sheet"
  • Follow the instructions of PPMS and upload your Run Sheet in the project
  • Send the request. As long as you do not click the Submit button, there will be no forwarding.

    PPMS sends the project to the HNF Office. Your project will now be checked by the technology team. If there are any questions, the HNF Office or a member of the Technology Team will contact you. The review takes some time, so you can carry out the HNF security test until release, see Step 3.